Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Children's Book Illustrations, and a new technique!

I got these done tonight!
Final illustrations for childrens book for a story I made up about a kitty named Midge

I used watercolor, colored pencil and brush pen and layered a LOT.


I think my favorite is the one of the cats on the fence.




anna said...

Mary!! These look FANTASTIC! There's so much texture and feel to them! I can't wait to see more work like this!

Hannah said...

so textural... lovely!! they're very...soothing... haha. i like the ones with the cats on the fence the most, i think.

mnelson said...

yeah, I'm with you on that Hanna. The fence one is the better one in my opinion.

Erik said...

REALLY REALLY GOOD! You need to explore this style more. WOW!