Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skateboard and New Illustration

Hey guys!

So, I have a new waterfall illustration that is ink and watercolor, 22"x30" that took barely any time at all. But I had a hard time scanning it.

I also just finished my skateboard design for product.
I love it honestly, and was SO HAPPY when I realized that colored pencil for the color looked WAY better than acrylic. So, it's acrylic (the black and white) with colored pencil.

Enjoy! I also cracked and joined Twitter for some reason.
Time to start my final assignment for the week!



Mary said...

You rock!! I just showed this to David and he think the kitty witty is cute and the skateboard is unique! We are so impressed by your talent!

Mummy xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Hannah said...

if i ever actually saw anyone on that skateboard (like, skating on it) i would freak out and cry because it is far too pretty to be used for anything other than looking at.

(i would not really cry. but i would be sad.)