Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Nice Friday night with the family, coloring Easter Eggs.
Simply said, I only got around to doing two of them. This one pictured below was the first one I did and it probably took long after everything was cleaned up.
That's right,
the one kid in the family that goes to art school totally geeks out over a single egg.

Happy Good Friday everyone!
There was a lecture by John Hendrix today at 1 and honestly, it was extremely inspiring.
First of all, his work is amazing, and secondly, he did SUCH a good job of giving us a lot of good information. Much needed after a crappily done meeting about the parking situation at MCAD, which is super lame.
Oh well.
And then Erik Brandt took us to get ice cream and let us go early!

Good way to start the weekend!




Erik said...

John Hendrix was at MCAD and I MISSED IT!!!!!!!

*smashes head against wall*

Also, thanks for the nice comment, but if you wanted that drawing you could still have it for twenty dollars.

Hannah said...

pretty eggs!!!!!!
the john hendrix lecture was SO GOOD

anna said...

Yeah! That lecture was SO GOOD!
and those eggs are lovely!

Erik said...


Done and done.

Abigailius said...

Dang, I thought I'd be the first to blog about our rockin Easter eggs.