Sunday, April 12, 2009

Above: Casper Saves the Day
Graphic Design Project_001_2009

So Easter was fun. Busy day, filled with exciting odd emotions.
Slept on parents living room couch
Woke up early,
Had delicious brunch with family
Was a little freaked out by a few goings on with my family.
Went to church for the first time in a while,
Hung out with my family,
Went To Ben's parents house,
got $39 from an Easter egg hunt (!)
Ate pizza
Played with corgis
Took at 2 hour nap
and to top it all off,
found out someone charged a crapton of money at Jimmy Johns and a gas station on my debit card, which I realized was missing from my wallet!
How fun is that!
Society is such an honest group of wonderful, thoughtful people who strive for the greater good. (I wish)

Anyways, on a completely other topic, I thought I'd post something fun for you to see.
This is a graphic design project I had been working on for a while.
Completely random.
Essentially the project was to make a poster.
And that's it.
So here it is.

Oh noo, it is so small!
Oh well,
The type says
"This is Epic
The Quails Love
To Kiss"



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